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Batch No: 005 – Cherry Grove Body Butter

Batch No: 005 – Cherry Grove Body Butter


Be swept away by the whimsical romance of cherry blossom, the herbal freshness of basil, and the comforting sweetness of vanilla. This enchanting combination invites you into a world of soft, sweet serenity, enveloping your skin in a fragrant caress that’s irresistibly smooth and inviting.

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Introducing Rebel Body Butter: A Blend of Cherry Blossom, Basil, and Vanilla

Dive into the luxurious texture of our Rebel Body Butter, artfully crafted with the delicate scent of cherry blossom, the refreshing touch of basil, and the comforting warmth of vanilla. This sumptuous body butter is formulated to deeply moisturize, soften, and revitalize your skin while providing a unique aromatic experience that soothes the senses.

  • Cherry Blossom: Let the subtle, floral fragrance of cherry blossom transport you to a blooming garden in spring. This exquisite scent infuses our body butter with a light, romantic aroma, promoting a sense of gentle elegance and renewal that caresses your skin.
  • Basil: Experience the invigorating essence of basil, adding a hint of freshness and herbal clarity to the blend. Known for its uplifting properties, basil complements the floral notes with a clean, green nuance, revitalizing your senses and refreshing your skin.
  • Vanilla: Embrace the rich, creamy notes of vanilla that round out the fragrance profile with its cozy, comforting aroma. Vanilla brings a touch of sweetness and warmth, enhancing the body butter’s soothing qualities and leaving your skin with a velvety, indulgent finish.

Our Rebel Body Butter is a testament to our dedication to natural, effective skincare, combining nourishing ingredients to pamper your skin while offering an aromatic journey that delights the senses. Suitable for all skin types, this body butter delivers intense hydration, improves skin elasticity, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and beautifully scented.

Discover the blissful caress of Rebel Body Butter, where the enchanting scents of cherry blossom, basil, and vanilla intertwine to create a skincare experience that’s as nourishing for the skin as it is for the soul. Indulge in the luxurious care of a body butter designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, and envelop you in a captivating fragrance blend.

Embrace the essence of beauty and well-being with Rebel Body Butter, and let the harmonious combination of cherry blossom, basil, and vanilla transform your daily skincare routine into a moment of pure pleasure and tranquility. Experience the difference of a product crafted with love, inspired by nature, and dedicated to your skin’s health and radiance.