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About RBL

About RBL

Always Natural. Always Organic. Always Pure.

Rebel Body Butters & More

Like many, we battled with skincare woes – dryness, acne, and uneven tone – and found ourselves disillusioned by the chemical-laden products promising overnight miracles. Determined to reclaim control over our skincare routines, we embarked on a personal quest for purity and simplicity.
Through tireless research and experimentation, we discovered the transformative power of natural ingredients. From the soothing embrace of shea butter to the clarifying properties of essential oils, we unearthed a treasure trove of botanical wonders that nourished and rejuvenated our skin like never before. Inspired by our newfound passion and buoyed by the radiant results, we began crafting our own skincare solutions in the comfort of our own homes.
As friends and family marveled at our luminous complexions, they couldn’t help but inquire about our secret. Word spread like wildfire, and soon, we found ourselves inundated with requests for our handmade creations. Recognizing the universal need for clean, effective skincare solutions, we took a leap of faith and launched Rebel Body Butters & More in 2022.
What began as a labor of love in our own kitchens blossomed into a thriving online community of skincare enthusiasts. Each jar of handcrafted body butter and every bottle of nourishing serum is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. 
With every purchase, customers not only receive a product but also a piece of our journey – a journey rooted in integrity, transparency, and the unwavering belief that nature holds the key to radiant skin.
Rebel Body Butters & More has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking refuge from the noise of modern skincare.  As we continue to innovate and inspire, we invite you to join us on this journey toward a brighter, more beautiful future – one nourishing ingredient at a time. 
Welcome to Rebel Body Butters & More, where skincare is not just a routine but a revolution.

We are proudly Organic.

Safe and Gentle

Experience the Gentle Care Your Body Deserves with Our Safe and Effective Formulas, Free of Harsh Chemicals and Irritants, for a Soothing and Nurturing Experience

Tailored Solutions

Discover Your Unique Body Care Solutions with Our Tailored Approach, Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs and Preferences for Optimal Results and Satisfaction

Chemical Free

Experience the Benefits of Pure and Natural Ingredients with Our Chemical-Free Formulas, Designed to Nourish, Hydrate, and Protect Your Skin without Any Harmful Additives or Toxins